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There are many sites in the city where you can enjoy tasty dishes and a nice environment.
You can also enjoy the trditional tsipouro and ouzo from early in the noon until late at night down at the mole, along with tasty snacks of the traditional and European cuisine.

On the island the existence of the lake defines it's cuisine. Lobster, frog legs and for dessert traditional cakes.
The Greek cuisine however is there too.
In the case that you are, an Italian cuisine fan, there are a lot of Italian restaurants in the city where you can enjoy Italian dishes, pizza, pasta etc.

In the town center you will meet a large number of fast food shops which are preffered by the students.

Finally as long as the sweets are concerned the "baklava" of Ioannina has the greatest reputation all over Greece, but the rest of the sweets and cakes which are all made with the use of old traditional recipes, are found in many confectioneries in the city. Many of them are standing there over 100 years.


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