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Geographical position, climate

Ioannina is the capital of Epirus and is located on the north west part of the country on altitude of 480m, the city has been built on the west coast of Pamvotida lake. Its distance from Athens is 466Km via Rio and 533Km via Trikala-Metsovo. Its distance from Patras is 261Km, from Igoumenitsa 104Km and 65Km from the Albanian border. Regular plane and bus schedules link Ioannina to Athens.The biggest part of Ioannina is surrounded by large mountains with very high peaks from which very long rivers are fed. Between them there are small and large valleys which, including plant and animal wildlife, form together a landscape of wild beuty, a real treasure for Epirus.

The basin of Ioannina is the greatest flat extent of Epirus and divides the prefecture in two parts north and south of it but it also unites mideuropean and mediterranean geographical and other environmental elements , although there are many specialties of the climate and flora and fauna. This zone combines the warm mediterranean with the rainy and cold mideuropean climate. Intense rain in the winter and rainstorms in the summer. The snowfalls were severe the years before, but the last years we have much more sunshine and less snow.


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