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The city of Ioannina offers a lot of choices on sports. There are many courts and variety of sports.

Amateur teams where you can participate as a player or just for practice.
Information at the football of Associations Club of Epirus, Charilaos Trikoupi 2, Tel. 26510-25610.
In the National Athletic Maritime Center of Ioannina there is an indoor gym and four open basketball courts. The entrance is free but you must have an athletic outfit on.
It is located at 8th Merarxia 24 Limnopoula. Tel. 26510-35603 and 32708
Another indoor gym is in the University Campus, Tel. 26510-98620.
There are tennis courts in the "Gianniotiko Saloni". To play tennis you need to be a member of the Tennis Club of Ioannina or get a permission by the people who are in charge to practice privately. Pirsinella Park Tel. 26510-49510 and 40738
In the National Maritime Center in Limnopoula there is an indoor pool which is open to the public, besides the athletes. To participate you need to be examined by a dermatologist, a cardiologist and a general practicioner and 2 photos. Timetable for the public: Monday - Wednesday - Friday 11:00 a.m. - 16:00 p.m. and on Saturdays 13:00 p.m. - 17:00p.m. 8th Merarxia 24 Limnopoula Tel. 26510-35603 and 27673.
The existance of the lake has made this sport a very popular one. The Maritime Club, which is located at Limnopoula can serve anyone who is interested. 8th Merarxia 24 Limnopoula Tel. 26510-25265 and 38060.
Everyone who is interested in the track events can apply to the National Stadium of Ioannina. The athletic outfit is necessary ant it is open constantly for the public
Volleyball - Handball -Weight Lifting
Gyms for these sports are in the indoor gym of EANKI. 8th Merarxia 24 Limnopoula Tel. 26510-32708,35603 and 27673.
In the historic "Spartako" there are classes for weight lifting and judo. The halls are underneath the platform of viewers the indoor gym at Limnopoula.
The Hangliding Club of Ioannina (it is located in the airport of Ioannina) supports flights from Mitsikeli. There are classes for amateurs, who after the practice, take part in flights mainly from Mitsikeli or from the Manoliassa mountains.
Climbing on the mountains is a way of life. The climbing club of Ioannina is found on Tzavella str. Tel. 26510-22138.


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