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Tourist pavilion EHM

It is located over the Hebrew cemetery on the hill in a spot with great view of Ioannina and the lake. It is built by EHM using traditional architecture, excellent wood-carving art. It's working as a restaurant (with greek and french cuisine) cafeteria, bar.
Next to the pavilion is the theatre of EHM. This is an open theatre imitating an ancient theatre.
During the summer are being performed concerts, folk dance events e.t.c
Tel: 26510-25495,39327

Intellectual Centre

The Intellectual Centre of Municipality of Ioannina, along with the creation of the necessary cultural infrastructure, it is developing, it' s activities taking advantage of all the cultural structures and institutions of the local society.
The program of the Intellectual Centre of Municipality of Ioannina aims:
In the safeguarding, growth and projection of particular local cultural identity.
In the support and appointment of modern Epirotic, and not only, artistic and intellectual creation.
In the growth of athletic activity for all ages.
In the plenitude and quality of his educational programs.
In the cover of forms of cultural activity that for various reasons is not actualized in the city of Ioannina.
In the organisation of events that aim mainly in briefing of public with regard to each modern expression at the field of the Spirit and Arts. Each summertime it organises series of events with the name "Epirotica", that is realised in the Open Theatre of EHM, in the ancient theatre of Dodoni, in the square Mavilis, in the Castle of Ioannina as well as in other suitable outdoor locations

Pavillon Pirsinella (kiosk of Ioannina)

In Ioannina, just outside from the city, is found the tourist kiosk Pirsinella. There are tennis courts, a restaurant and a small artificial lake at the back which is an ideal place for someone to relax. In this territory is also accomodated the tennis club of Ioannina


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