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Ancient Dodoni


One of the most important archaelogical areas of the prefecture is Dodoni, 22 km from Ioannina, south. The area is thought to be the cradle of the greek-spaiking tribes.
The theatre (with a capacity of 17.000 seats), the ancient Parliament (Voulephtirio), the Prythaneio, the Stadium, surround the ancient Shrine, considered as one of the most ancient oracles in the broader area of Greece. Its origin dates back to the depths of Prehistory. The Great Godess, the godess of fertility and euphoria, was initially worshiped there, to be later replaced by the Dodonian Zeus worship. The oracle was open-air at first, as people thought that Zeus lived in the roots of the sacred oaktree. Round the sacredtree there were tripods made of copper, making sounds used by the priests to tell the oracles.

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