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The Castle

Cave of Perama

-Arrchaeological Museum
-Byzantine Museum
-Wax-Works Museum
--Pavlos Vrellis
--Athanassios Vrelli

Ancient Dodoni

Arrchaeological Museum

Arrchaeological Museum of Ioannina is in Litharitsia
Park, in the centre of the city. Finds from varius
ancient sites of Epirus such as Dodoni, Vitsa,
Acheronta of Necromanteion etc. are displayed in its rooms. Its exhibits also include stone and bone tools
of the Paleolithic era as well as tombstones, pieces of architecture, inscriptions and coins. In one hall, works by Greek artists of the 19th and 20th century are being housed temporarily.

25th Martiou Square. Tel:26510-33357, 31908,25490, Fax: 26510-71835


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