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The University Campus is located 6km from the centre of Ioannina and is one of the largest University campuses in Greece. It covers a total area of almost 850 acres with many green open spaces which surround the four main building.

These buildings cover an area of 170,000 m2, consisting of lecture halls, offices, laboratories, libraries, etc. Large classes are held in auditoriums, while scientific meetings and exhibitions are held in the Conference Centre located in the newly constructed Medical Sciences complex.Two large building complexes accommodate the Student Residence Halls, both being close to the Student Union building; a multi-purpose building that houses the student restaurant and a large Hall of Ceremonies together with "Phegos"; a restaurant where the academic community and visitors can enjoy well-prepared meals or celebrate special occasions, such as the graduation day.One of the most attractive places of the campus is the old Monastery of Dourouti, a 18th century building, which is currently being renovated in order to serve as a guest house for visitors of the University.

The operation of the University of Ioannina begins in 1964 with the School of Philosophy as annex of the University of Thessaloniki. In 1966 the Math Department is founded. In 1970 an independent institute of higher education is founded in Ioannina. In the some year it starts the operation of the Department of Physics. The same in 1977 with the Chemistry Department and the Medical School.

In 1983 begins the operation of the Pedagogic Department of Elementary Education, in 1987 the Department of Kindergarden Teachers, in 1993 the Department of Computer Science, in 1996is founded the Department of Economic Sciences and it begins to fuction in 1998. From academic year 1999-2000 begins the operation of Department of Science and Technology of Materials, and in 2000-2001 function the two new Departments of Sciences of Art and Biological Applications Also in 1998 begins the operation of three departments PSE (Program of Study of Choice): Sciences and Culture, Applied Agriculture and Biochemistry.

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