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Population of the city

Ioannina is a major pole of development for the Region of Epirus, as it gathers the greatest part of the urban population , as well as the greatest parcentage of active population, working in the secondary and tertiary sectors.In addition, there is a large number of students in the town, who consist a great part of the city life.

The population of the Municipality of Ioannina is 100.000 inhabitans and the students in the city reach 15.000 approximately.

Economical data:

GDP (per capita, 1997):2.072.711 drachmas. A breakdown of the GDP in the Prefecture of Ioannina lists, in order of importance, the following sectors:

1. The Tertiary Sector, with trade, health, education, public administration and housing.

2. The Secondary Sector, with processing and constructions.

3.The Primary Sector with animal husbandry and forestry.

Finally, it is worth noting that the Prefecture of Ioannina is the first producer of cheese and meat in Greece.


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