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Poultry farming

Poultry farming started its dynamic development in the early '50s thanks to the efforts of the pioneers in the field in Greece, it now covers more than 35% of the poultry meat production as well as of eggs (destined to both consumption and incubation) and chicks.

Today the most important Greek companies- weather privately owned or cooperatives- in the sector operate in Ioannina. These enterprises employ more than 800 people and cooperate with more than 700 poultry farmers, creating a very strong economic network in the region, but also in the Greek economy as a whole.

The egg-producing poultry farming should be mentioned in particular as the numerous modern units established in the ragion cover 5% of the overall Greek production.

The genuine products of Ioannina enterprices, through their well organizeddistribution network and local branch offices, reach out on a daily basis all of Greece as well as foreign markets. The local industry includes:

Poultry farms covering many thousands og square meters,
Incubators yielding more than 30 million chicks per year,
Fodder production units with a capacity of more than 150,00 tons final product per year,
Poultry farming with a slaughter capacity of 15,000 birds per hour,
Production units of 40-50 million eggs per year,
Byproduct processing units and units producing precooked chicken products.


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