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Annualy celebrations

The events in the prefecture of Ioannina are an almost daily phenomenon which covers a wide spectrum of interests of the public. Most of them take place in the city of Ioannina, however there are others, very interesting too, which are organised in other municipalities and the big communities of the prefecture. The most important events are:

- Epirotica which takes place every year mainly on July-August. They include concerts, theatrical representations, exhibitions etc

- the commercial exhibition «Epirus» which is organised by HELEXPO Thessalonica in the begining of each June. In this event exhibitors from all over Greece and the abroad participate.

-The celebration of the Liberation of Ioannina on the 21st of February which is accompanied by a great military parade.

- Jamales on the last Sunday of Carnival with the enormous fires and the dances around them in the neighborhoods of the city.

The celebration in memory of martyr Saint George in January 17th with the procession of his honest scull in the central streets of the city.

The various feasts for the promotion of local products, from which the feast of Zitsas wine distinguishes, which is realised in the end of August. Also, there are the feasts of tsipouro which take place mainly in the villages of Pogoni (Delvinaki, Stratinitsa etc.) from October until December.

There is however a variety of other events which their time of realisation depends on the planning of the institutions which organizes them. In this category are included the events of University of Ioannina, the various congresses (Ioannina and Metsovo) but also the maritime events (Greek nation Championships of rowing, kanoe-kayak, ski etc).


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