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Dairy Products

The mountains of the wider Ioannina region, where animal husbandry is the most important activity, saw the development of a big daity tradition known to Greeks since the times of Homer.

The social contribution of this sector in the maintaining and development of sheep-and-goat raising in the region is very important. Using as raw material the fresh goat/sheep milk and respecting the cheese-making traditions, many small and medium sized units, as well as two of the major units in the sector, are active today in Ioannina offering consumers natural products of high standards. Fresh pasteurized milk, natural healthy yoghourt and fresh butter are part of the family of Ioannina dairy products.

The most dynamic product of the region is feta cheese and the cheeses with Protected Appellation of Origine like "kefalograviera", dry "mizithra", the Metsovone smoked cheese and "galotyri".

Other traditional products of the region are the graviera and kefalotyri cheese, the goat cheese, the "anthotyro" and many others. The unique taste and their exceptional quality place genuine Ioannina dairy products at the top of Greek and foreign consumers' preferences.

The flora rich in aromatic plants of the Prefecture of Ioannina, among the environmentally cleanest in Greece, give to the Ioannina dairy products their unique taste and aroma. The operation of the most important units, in accordance with international standards as to quality control, quarantees the exceptional quality of products.


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